Friday, December 21, 2007

Banana puddin'

Prior to returning from Greenland Charlee had told me that she has had the best damn banana pudding she has ever tasted. I had no reason to doubt her but she told me that after weeks of trying to pry the recipe from her friends fingers she had meet with success!
Since the recipes release into the wild I have made it several times while I was in Greenland and now that I am working in Kuwait I have made it here for the guys at work and so far I have had no complaints and that tells me it was good.

Here is the recipe for banana puddin'. You can substitute some of the ingredients if you wish but there may be differences in Consistancy. I hope you enjoy the puddin' and if you do please drop me a line letting me know.

Banana Puddin'

1 - Large bowl with lid
2 - Cups whole milk, cold
1 - Can Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
1 - Box Banana creame pudding mix
7 - Large Banana's sliced
1 - Container Cool whip
1 - Large Box vanilla wafers (if you can find them use the smaller cookies)

1. Combine cold milk and sweetened condensed milk, than add the Banana Creame pudding mix. Whisk well, once it starts to thicken set aside.

2. Slice the bananas, if they are already sliced add them to the pudding mixture.

3. Gently fold in the Cool whip followed by the cookies.

4. Set aside in refridgerator to thicken for four hours.

The pudding should last at least two days refridgerated but hopefully it will not last the evening.

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