Saturday, October 18, 2008


Fideo Con Pollo a La Ruiz

Growing up in our house wherever it may have been during dads time in the Air Force and when he was away in Vietnam I remember mom making this dish for us kids. Fideo being one of mom’s signature meals, is a wonderful dish due to its simplicity in prepare and of its ingredients. One item you have to have is a molcajete a mortal and pestle for the non-Spanish speaking folks out there. Mom’s molcajete is ground smooth after years of continuous use making all of those wonderful meals she was taught by her mother and of course that special touch that only a mom can bestow upon her cooking. Along with fideo we also had pinto beans and of course not a single meal is complete without out having tortillas!

This dish is simple to prepare and the chicken can be made a day prior if you like and be sure to save the additional broth of other uses in your kitchen.

The recipes for fideo I found on the web are virtually all the same some have small differences but over all they are identical. Just remember use the freshest ingredients possible! In Kuwait I am able to find all of the ingredients needed to make fideo. But for me and where I live going to the grocer to pick up a couple items is not something I can do on a whim, I have an hour drive at the least to visit the nearest market to pick up any last minute item. When I make fideo I have to buy tomato paste, chicken bullion, and bottled garlic paste in order to make fideo. Pinto beans have to be imported from the states and luckily for me, my wonderful wife Charlee has sent several bags.
Ok, on with the show!



2 tablespoons manteca or vegetable oil
1 chicken boiled, de-boned. Reserve broth.
½ bell pepper, yellow, coarsely chopped
1 Large ripe tomato, diced and seeded
1 large onion, chopped
1 box of Fideo (vermicelli)
2 – 3 cloves fresh garlic, minced or granulated equivalent
1 tsp salt to taste
whole pepper corns or ½ tsp ground black pepper
whole cominos or ½ tsp ground cumin
1 - 8 oz can tomato sauce
1 ¾ - 2 cups Chicken Stock


1. Boil chicken in salted water until done. Let cool, de-bone and reserve the broth. This step can be done a day before to make things easier for ya’.

2. Chop the onions, bell pepper and tomato and place your onions in a separate bowl from the others.

3. Combine the chicken stock along with the chopped tomato and sauce, cumin, black pepper, salt and garlic.

4. In a heavy cast iron skillet at medium high heat add the manteca, when melted add the fideo and brown.

5. When the fideo is starting to brown, add the onion, shredded chicken and cook to warm up the chicken.

6. Once the chicken is warmed add the sauce from step three along with the tomato and bell pepper, stir well, cover than stir occasionally.

7. When completed serve with a side of beans and tortillas.

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